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About Us

Cane Creek Audio Video is Frank Goldfarb, his associates and the companies we work with. We offer expert custom installation,> TV and audio tweaks, and room acoustic evaluation and correction.

A Word from Our Owner:

After five years working for two other local AV companies and competing against most of the other Audio/Video companies in the area, I feel confident in stating that we will be will more competent and cost effective, through more efficient designs, installation and fast service than anybody else in the Western North Carolina area. We are also friendly and easy to work with and would be happy to provide references that support these statements.

Our designs lend themselves to be user friendly and after we complete our installations, it is unusual for us to hear from our customers regarding problems. It is more common for us to hear about how happy our customers are with the work we have done. Our efficiency saves our customers money on labor and I personally promise that we will be around to provide prompt and competent service, as this is what I base my reputation on and we have references available to back this up.

Unfortunately, the traditional AV business model leads you to the last two companies I worked for, until beginning Cane Creek AV in 2011. One of these companies no longer exists and the other has exited the entertainment industry. I still continue to fully support my customers from both of them. Without the overhead of a showroom, without direct employees and with just the three of us doing all of the work ourselves, the quality of our work is truly excellent. This business model enables me to do our work more efficiently, with greater reliability, better financial stability, greater audio/video capabilities and much more responsive service.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and we look forward to serving you.

Cane Creek Music Room Cane Creek Music Room, featuring CCAV Model 1 speakers and mostly Rogue and PS Audio electronics.


Audio/Video Consultation Services

Custom Design & Installation Services

Repair Services*

*We provide electronic repair services and modifications for almost anything that has to do with audio and video, including Solid State and Tube Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, Receivers and we even re-foam older Loudspeakers. We especially enjoy working on the older classic gear.

Something New from Cane Creek AV

Besides our normal installation services, we now offer consultation services that will provide you with a full system design, including recommended equipment and labor costs for your design. There is a sliding charge of between $100 and $200 for this service, depending on location and design parameters, but once you have this, if you don’t wish to hire us to do your work, you will know a lot about what you can do for your entertainment needs.

The consultation fee is refundable if we are hired to do your work, depending on the scope of the work. Basically, labor needs to be at least $300 for the refund policy to be in effect. We will install equipment not purchased through us, but do not offer support services for this equipment, although our installation is guaranteed for one year. Our basic labor rates are increased by 20% if we install equipment provided by others.

Most of our clients hire us to do their work and most purchase equipment though us, as the quality of our products are first class, our prices are fair and people want us to be responsible entirely for their systems. However, this is up to each individual and we are as flexible as we can be in this regard.

We hope to hear from you, as we are just a click or phone call away.

Product Partners

These are some of our product partners.

  • Yamaha Aventage
  • iFi
  • AMR
  • Rogue Audio
  • PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport /DAC and Power Products
  • Marantz Electronics
  • Music Hall Products
  • B&K Electronics
  • Parasound Classic


  • Klipsch
  • Daedalus Speakers (As in Audition Site)
  • Thiel
  • Cane Creek Speaker Systems
  • Artison Loudspeakers
  • Velodyne Subwoofers
  • Martin Logan Loudspeakers

Analog Gear:

  • Well Tempered Turntables
  • SOTA Turntables
  • Dynavector Cartridges and Phono Preamp

Video Gear:

  • JVC Projection Systems
  • Optoma Projection Systems
  • Draper Screens


  • Dynamic Design Cabling
  • Herron cable
  • DiMarzio Cables
  • Ethereal
  • PS Audio Power Plants
  • Furman Sound
  • Panamax

Customer Testiominals

In early April 2016, I called Cane Creek AV and left a phone message about seeing if they would have any interest in looking at my fourteen year old home system (theatre, whole house audio, etc.) ,which had recently had a number of components fail, and give me idea of what it would take to repair and update the system. I called them based on the testimonials I read on their web site. I expected a call back in a few days and hoped that I might get someone out to our home in a few weeks just to look at the system.

Frank Goldfarb called me back within an hour. He was traveling in Virginia taking his son to look at colleges. He set up an appointment with me the following week and within a day or two after that he presented a proposal. I agreed to it and now just four weeks since the first call, I have a fully updated system controlled by IPads which allows me to stream audio and video throughout the house.

Frank was wonderful to deal with and was very knowledgable. He did everything to meet and even exceed our expectations. His crew was great as well. I would highly recommend Cane Creek AV for any of your AV needs.

Rick A. in Flat Rock, NC

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and your team did to bring our house into the 21st Century! You were very professional and courteous the entire time. We have worked with other audio/video companies and your team puts them to shame. When you left our house you would never know that you were here, other than all our new equipment. No holes or scratches in the walls!!

Thank you for a job well done!

Ed and Donya in Pisgah Forrest, NC

To Whom it might concern, Cane Creek AV, Frank Goldfarb, has great knowledge in his work. He is efficient, fair priced, and punctual in solving and installing products he has researched carefully. He keeps his overhead low to give his customers a good deal. We couldn't have been happier and will use him again.

Clay E. in Asheville, NC

Frank and his team did an excellent job planning and installing the equipment in our house. Things were changed as I decided to add some items at the last minute. They were flexible enough to make the changes required without incident. Also they were available to trouble shoot “operator error “ issues and dealt with those professionally as well as timely.

Bob I. in Walnut Cove, NC
Even More Testimonials

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