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I recently heard of a situation at the recently completed Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, known as RMAF, where a well known high end audio manufacturer wrote about visiting other rooms at RMAF and finding a few exhibitors that were struggling to make good sounding audio in their rooms. He goes on to mention that even in their own room, they were having trouble with the sound and they were using a speaker system that retails for $120,000 and seems very advanced. The manufacturer actually described as “magnificent”.

My question is, if the sound quality is suffering something and the rest of the system was good, which I know it was, exactly how are these loudspeakers magnificent? Maybe they are magnificent looking? I don’t really know and I don’t know what I don’t know.

So, why do I bring this up? Because I find it so ironic that high end audio businesses spend so much time, money and effort to do these audio shows, but often commit the worst audio sin you can. What is this? It is using your equipment with other equipment you are not familiar with, regardless of the reputation, price, look of this equipment. Many also use brand new equipment, instead of broken in equipment and that is also an audio no no.

I’ve tried to help a manufacturer of speaker systems at three RMAF shows and did this on my own dime. This very nice, talented, intelligent fellow, pretty much made the same mistake every year I tried to help him at RMAF.

Did he listen to my advice? No and this from someone who once visited me here, heard his speakers with my equipment, in my room and promptly remarked ” I didn’t know that my speakers could sound this good.”

So, why is this? Ego? Maybe, but you can be sure that when I do demos here, people love what they hear. They may not buy, as the second hand market for high end stereo gear is large and many audiophiles I know want to chart their own course, even if they spend too much money and don’t have great results.

More on this some other time.