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Dime a dozen

The thing about ideas and lofty goals is how easy they are to generate and how hard they are to realize.

While it’s true that great things come from great ideas, it’s equally accurate to suggest it’s only the hard work of building those ideas into tangible assets that have enough traction to move our lives forward.

Audiophiles all over this world are hard at work building their systems. I am continually impressed by the daily emails I receive asking for advice on how to move a system beyond where it is. And while I’d love to advise folks to swap out what they have for what equipment we offer, I find that more often than not, the advice I give centers more around the hard work of setup issues than the ease of equipment swaps.

Ideas for a quick solution to a vexing problem are a dime a dozen but rarely are the answers that simple.

The most successful systems I have heard were the result of assembling great stereo equipment together and then applying tons of careful hard work in the setup and polishing stages.

Perhaps it’s enough to suggest the world’s best ingredients shine brightest when deft hands work hardest at pleasing the soul.