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I once imported a line of tube preamplifiers and tube power amplifers from Austrailia and they were differnet looking than the usual box shaped components. Rounded chrome plated transformer covers, wrapped in Jarrah wood and a chrome top. The tubes were exposed and reflected beautifully by the chrome. While I haven’t imported them for a long time now, they were beautiful and they did sound great, at least when they worked, which was a problem, at least back then. I had a friend that saw mine, looked at it and said he wanted to buy it and that was without listening to it. Problem was it was broken, but he didn’t care…Amazing and while a bit different than what Paul is talking about, which is strictly marketing, looks do count.


When my friend, Sandy Gross was responsible for marketing Polk Audio in the late 70s and early 80s one of the challenges he faced was acceptance of the brand as a serious contender.

It was a tough challenge. Their competitors were pretty serious people including Dr. Amar Bose, Edgar Villchur, Dr. Sydney Harman, and Henry Kloss to mention just a few.

Matthew Polk had studied marine biology at Johns Hopkins.

What to do to get Polk taken seriously by the stereo buyers of the day?

Dress him up in a white lab coat.

Matt is an excellent loudspeaker designer who pioneered a number of innovations still used today.

What he lacked at the time was credibility.


Can you think of anything around us that doesn’t fight for status?

Would you buy the world’s best sounding power amplifier if it were dressed up in a metal garbage pail?

Like it or not we judge books, equipment, and people by their appearance.

Maybe I should buy myself a lab coat.