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Congratulations to PS Audio. The fellow who reviewed the new PS Audio loudspeakers in Tony Cordesman, who is one of my favorite reviewers and he bought a pair as one of his reference speakers.

Golden Ear award

The day loudspeaker designer Chris Brunhaver joined the PS Audio team marked the 2nd to the last step on a lifetime journey (Octave Records would be the final step in closing the loop of our vision of an end-to-end audio ecosystem).

Before Chris we could only dream about the day we could say with confidence “these speakers are the final step in making audio magic”.

It took nearly three years of work, 4 iterations of design, and the cost of designing and tooling from scratch every component from the drivers to the box itself to create the aspen FR30 loudspeaker.

It takes only one listen to these beautiful creations to know without question the success of the design.

It sure doesn’t hurt when the FR30s appeared on the cover of HiFi News heralding a glowing review that you can read here.

Closer to home was the latest The Absolute Sound magazine’s cover photo of the aspens.

Inside, a wonderful review from Anthony Cordesman coupled with the magazine’s prestigious Golden Ear Award.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Chris Brunhaver.

If you’d like to send Chris a note of congratulations his email address is