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So many choices

Have you ever considered how many choices we have in just our small niche of the market? The number is so great it makes my head spin. I write this because while attending the Montreal HiFi show we had a wonderful sounding room using Neat SX1 loudspeakers from the UK and Kimber Kables from the US: one brand I know nothing of, the other I am quite familiar with.
The little SX1s were smooth, open and easy to make disappear in the room and the Kimbers were like they weren’t even there; a greater compliment one can’t receive.

We all have our favorites and I am no different. But the problem with favorites is it precludes using all that is available and thus we narrow our field of vision to the point of near-blindness to what else is around us. With so many choices available I don’t know what else to do, but it does trouble me.

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