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Oh boy …

Yesterday’s post entitled The thing about facts got a few of you thinking and questioning. That’s a good thing.
So here’s an example of what I am talking about.

There are more than several people I respect that have presented the following ‘fact’ to me: “PCM sounds better than DSD. Even original DSD files, converted to PCM, sound more lifelike than the original DSD files.”

And here’s the thing: I have personally heard and verified this ‘fact’. It’s true. Only, it isn’t a fact. The only fact here is the observation. It is a ‘fact’ we can make these experiments, repeat them time and again getting the same results.

To draw a conclusion based on these repeatable observations is where we run into a problem. I can observe, time and again that the earth in front of me is flat. That does not mean the earth is flat.
I am working hard, in my own life, to keep from saying ‘fact’ when the only thing we can say for sure is what we observe. How we get from observation to fact is the subject others are far more qualified to address than I.

It’s a fact I am not always successful at cleaning up my lexicon, but worth noting.

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