Asheville, Walnut Cove, Biltmore Forrest and Western North Carolina’s Audio and Home Theater specialists present Cane Creek AV and Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.

I am a dealer and user for a company called Melco, which is owned by the Buffalo hard Drive Company out of Japan, and have a really good Melco Server I use for recording and playing back digital bits, including streaming from HD sources like Qobuzz. I also am a dealer for, and use, a Well Tempered Labs Amadeus GTA Turntable, Dynavector Karat DX cartridge and a Rouge Audio Ares tubed phono stage and my analog does sound better, particularly in the bass. Still, both are great and the convenience of playing great sound  music back via an iPad is a wonderful thing. So, different strokes and I stroke both ways.


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