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FR30s go live

Tomorrow, Friday the 25th, marks the world’s public premiere of the FR30 loudspeaker.

If you’re planning on attending the Montreal High End show at the Hotel Bonaventure, you can drop by our room to get a taste of one of the world’s best speakers, the Aspen FR30.

Here’s a link to the show information. PS Audio and the FR30s are located in the Westmount 6, room.

Scott McGowan and I are attending the show setup today to get them ready, but we’re unable to hang out and meet and greet folks tomorrow when the show opens. (With great sadness, we both have to head home to lay to rest on Friday one of our team members and dearest of friends, Woody Woodward, who died unexpectedly. Many of you may know of Woody through his wonderful writings in Copper Magazine)

I do hope you have a chance to drop by and check out these remarkable speakers. It’ll be well worth your time.

Have fun!

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