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Paul linked to a weird device that a lot of people swear by, which is below.

Me?…I wish I could afford it, but with a son ready for college, I no longer have the luxury, although I definitely do have the interest.

It might do something, but this 20lb, piece of nicely finished  brass, costs over $2k and most normal people would laugh at this. Wealthy Audiophiles are lucky as they can afford it, but if their stereo or video systems aren’t great to begin with, this is a real waste of money.

Any system, whether it audio, video or Home Theater, has to be great for any of these tweaks to allow great improvements in a system.

Here it is…….

The strangest tweak ever

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While at the Munich High End show in walks Michael and Andreas Jungblut from AHP a small German company known for their fuses.

I was asked if there would be any time to audition a new “miracle” tuning product and, fortunately for us, I said yes as timing wasn’t bad (I usually refrain from this at a show).  So, in walks the inventor of a new product that looks like either an award, a classic bell or perhaps a cymbal mounted on it’s side.  The thing must weigh 20 pounds, machined out of brass.


Here’s a picture of it.  Now, at first I think this is by far the goofiest tweak I have seen.  Yes, perhaps goofier than wooden block and even dots placed on the walls.  Placed between your speakers, it stares back at you like some piece of Asian dinnerware or ornament.  But holy cow, it works!  Immediately, vocals get more lifelike, the sound sweeter and easier to listen to.

I ask what it’s supposed to be doing and got some long-winded story about a passive amplifier or some such.  Mmmmm, no, me thinks not.

But here’s what I do think is happening.  It is a tuned “bell” if you will (it rings if struck) and I believe it is acting as a resonator that is being excited at specific frequencies we all find slightly edgy.  As you put energy from the speakers into this device, its heavy mass simply absorbs that acoustic energy and reduces the peak of said energy.  Its mass is such that it will not put the energy back into the room, thus acting like some sort of acoustic filter.

That’s just a guess, but man oh man does this thing work.

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