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Yesterday I read an article that came to me from an on-line audio publication.

It was a story about an audio cable from Albania. It was called Organike and it went into how this audio cable was developed by a guy in Albania and how great it was in the “reviewers” stereo system, although it was a bit greasy, as the outer jacket of the cable was made out of sausage casing. ….Yes…sausage casing…

So, I read the article and laughed, more about the idea of a cable like this, than the writing itself. Would anyone believe this and would anybody really buy something like this.

While I haven’t tried to confirm this, I’m pretty sure that this article is most likely a joke, but I wonder how many Audiophiles are searching the web to see and read more about it. Probably a few, but surely not the vegetarians and vegans among us.

We sure can be a fickle lot…

Here’s Paul’s post for today….Does it take skill to put together a great sounding stereo or Home Theater system? I think yes!!


September 20, 2016 by Paul McGowan


The company just dropped another bundle of cash on a couple more Audio Precision test suites (each costs in excess of $10,000). We use the less expensive versions for testing our products, and the fanciest ones to help in our equipment designs. But the quality of this advanced test gear is meaningless without the skill required to use it and understand its results. If you don’t know how to boil water, buying an expensive set of cookware won’t make you a better chef.

Truth is, it’s the skill of the artist that creates the art, not the equipment used to craft it. It’s why a growing group of professional photographers have turned to mobile phones for cameras, why some of the best audio designers in the world still rely upon antiquated test gear to design their masterpieces, and many master craftsmen prefer hand tools to machines.

Skills are earned, never bought.




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