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This is the first installment of my summation of an article written by Robert Schryer in the December 2016 edition of Stereophile.

The title is “Take Two Grateful Deads and Call Me in the Morning.” It is also referred to as “Good Sound is Good For Us.”

The article is about the effect of music in general, and music played back on a really good stereo system, when it comes to mental health. In other words, how music can have a positive effect on the brain and how the better a stereo system is, the more its positive effect, at least with many people.

In this case, it was prompted by a friend of the author who had progressively worse panic attacks that eventually became manageable because of his listening to music played back on a really good stereo system. When listening to MP3 files, which is the most widely used digital format today, the effect on his panic attacks were lessened, compared to listening to high quality music files, like the WAV files I listen to, on a good stereo system.

I’ll write more about this, as my sons senior project was about the positive effect of music on Alzheimer’s patients and as a treatment protocol, music is something easily, although to get high quality music re-production will cost somewhere between a bit and a lot more than a bit.

More soon, as I think this is a very interesting subject and pertinent to many people.


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