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I built the speakers I am currently using, but had some help. The manufacturer of the driver, Great Plains Audio, also designed the crossover, although we replaced many of the parts inside. I designed the cabinet and the matching external crossover boxes and had a local guy build them, which was a interesting experience.

After some angst, the project ended up turning out beautifully and I’m very happy with the audio system, although I will be adding Rogue Audio’s new RP-7 tube preamp this week to continue to support my vendors, where it makes sense. What little high end audio I sell here, is Rogue Audio gear, so I am happy to support them. Great products, great people and everything is made in the USA.

I imagine it will sound at least as good as what I am using now, if not even better. I know ergonomically, it will work better and it has a tube headphone inside, too.

DIY speakers

How hard can it be to build your own speakers? Heck, the speaker drivers themselves are easy enough to get—Parts Express has just about every cool driver, crossover, and enclosure you might want. Many are identical to what’s found in the most expensive products in the world.

Pick the best you can afford, solder them up, and kick back to great sound. Right? Maybe, but more than likely not.

While we understand drivers, crossovers, and enclosures are about all that’s in the speakers we really love, the true skill in building world-class speakers isn’t exclusive to the parts. Without benefit of a capable designer, you often wind up disappointed.

If I had two bags of parts in my hand, one with all the necessary components for a speaker, the other to build a DAC, you’d likely have a better chance with the first than the second. Still, getting great sounding music out of a wooden box with speaker drivers, coils, capacitors, and binding posts is nothing too trivial. Many designers invest a lifetime of experience into making loudspeakers that honor the music.

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