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Resolving speakers

Loudspeakers come in all flavors and sizes. In fact, I cannot think of another product category in high-end audio that comes close to the variety found in these sound producing boxes.

If we were to segregate them into broad performance categories, such as resolving power, we might make a little headway in sorting through their myriad differences.

I think it’s fair to say that, as a whole, some resolve differences in sound quality, while others smooth over those differences.

A resolving speaker is what I believe most of us wish for. Else, why would we bother with all the work and expense of building a high-performance system? We wish to unmask differences and get to the core of the hidden treasures buried in our recordings.

Yet, the notion that some speakers are resolving while others blur and hide is generally not accepted. Consider the group of engineers and sound experts that cannot hear changes many of us take for granted. It’s kind of like someone who is unable to see color arguing there is no blue.

We don’t yet have the means to rate speakers by their abilities to define subtle changes.

If we did, how might yours rate?


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