Under the microscope

Not that long ago in the scope of our evolution did we question if there were life forms smaller than could be seen by the human eye. Our collective answer was “no”. Yet enough people asked an even simpler question “how do we know that?”

One questioner invented the microscope and our view of the world changed overnight. We could finally see.

When our collective group of high-end enthusiasts hear that which the scientific/measurement community has determined is incorrect do we then simply accept the “facts” or do we question their understanding of the measurements?

There are hundreds, no thousands of examples of those that are so trapped in our physical space that they cannot accept what we feel or find emotionally correct.

Many of us feel vindicated when measurements corroborate our intuitive truths about our perceptions. That’s fine but never be swayed away from your attachment and beliefs system to your senses and intuitions just because the physical world doesn’t yet support them.

We may not always be able to explain them but that doesn’t make them any less real.

Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.

Large volumes of air

Large volumes of air

In yesterday’s post I talked about dynamics and how many smaller speakers simply cannot reproduce those dynamics accurately. One of my readers pointed out something obvious – the amount of air a big speaker can move relative to a smaller one.

Big line sources have a lot of drivers and surface area and can move lots of air – just like the real deal. The opposite can be true for smaller speakers and that’s part of the reason they don’t sound quite as effortless when reproducing a big orchestral passage.

Imagine the amount of air a full 100 piece symphony orchestra can move when they get loud. Now imagine trying to reproduce that same air movement, scaled to fit your room, with a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers. Ain’t gonna happen.

You’ll get closer with a lot of drivers capable of moving lots of air.

Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.

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