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Asheville, Walnut Cove, Biltmore Forrest and Western North Carolina’s Audio and Home Theater specialists present Cane Creek AV and Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.

Matters of opinion

Each of us has different wants and needs, yet all of us share much in common. While I might search for tonal accuracy, dynamics, and detachment from the speakers, and you might be more interested in transient and top-end response, we’re both here for the music.

Our love of music and the home audio systems that reproduce it is why we’re a community, or as we like to call it, a family.

Families form around commonality but work best when differences of opinion are honored.

If our differences get too big it can strain family bonds. That said, I wouldn’t be an advocate of pushing too hard in the direction of sameness. While strength comes from agreement, forward motion comes from differences.

The best communities are always moving forward in search of the greater good. We don’t have a roadmap to get there. Often, we don’t even know where exactly we’re trying to go other than forward, but that’s where all the differences of opinion work to open new paths.

We’re all on the same page when it comes to our love of bringing great music into our homes, but we have a lot of diverse opinions on just how to get there.

It’s our extended family—differences and all—that keeps me going.

Thanks for being a family member.

It matters.

Asheville, Walnut Cove, Biltmore Forrest and Western North Carolina’s Audio and Home Theater specialists present Cane Creek AV and Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.

There is one picture with this post that shows people listening with their eyes closed. I wonder if any of them are asleep. With much of the music at shows being simple things that sound good on almost any stereo, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are one or two!

Vinyl exceeds CDs

Yesterday we learned that sales of vinyl LP’s have outstripped CDs for the first time in decades. An article posted in Rolling Stone Magazine made the rounds at RMAF, yesterday. I haven’t yet figured out if this means sales of CDs are continuing their downward spiral or vinyl’s picking up steam, but whatever the implications, it’s certainly a twist of events.

And speaking of vinyl, one of the great treats of a consumer trade show like RMAF is the chance for our Hi-Fi Family to gather together and enjoy what we all are interested in, music and 2-channel audio.

Reviewer Micahel Fremer of Stereophile and Analog Planet fame was generous enough to bring his collection of prized vinyl to our room and play it to a packed house for an hour. Just check out the crowd. I could barely squeeze into this standing room only group outside the few prized seats in our listening area to get this picture in the first place.

What a treat! Mikey pulled from his arsenal a prized copy of Joni Mitchel’s Court and Spark to start the afternoon off, and I don’t believe anyone in the room had heard such glorious music. All were transfixed with the vinyl he played. I had chills running down my spine listening to his last track, Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven. Holy Moly! I am so used to the flat and lifeless digital version that I had no idea of what the recording really sounded like.

Fremer and Stellar Phono designer, Darren Myers, worked well together to make this a seminal event. In the second picture down, we were also honored by the presence of Sharyl Wilson of Wilson Audio fame in the front row.

Here are a few more pictures from the event to enjoy.