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Asheville, Walnut Cove, Biltmore Forrest and Western North Carolina’s Audio and Home Theater specialists present Cane Creek AV and Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.


Remember Chucky the scary clown? In the 1988 movie Child’s Play, film producers took advantage of a particular phobia that more than a few people have. It’s known as Pediophobia and it is the fear of dolls, or more generally, a fear of things most people find normal.

What the film producers did was to exaggerate a doll’s features, so they went from cutsie to horrific (the nasty teeth and smile). This is a spin-off of a similar device used in the movie The Exorcist. Remember Regan (played by Linda Blair)? A cute girl who eventually spits green fluids and has her head spinning (literally). It’s the exaggeration of normal that fascinates us.

The point of all this is that when we chose to take something “normal” and exaggerate its features, there are typically two reactions: acceptance or rejection.

I have seen more than a few people walk into Music Room Two and put their hand over their mouth in a combination of horror and astonishment. (and the opposite)

“That’s a stereo system?”

And I have seen my share of audiophiles reel backwards when faced with a gargantuan exaggeration of normal. Remember Magico’s giant assemblage of horns that engulfed the entire room? It was fascinating to watch people’s reactions. Some were drawn to the spectacle like flies to molasses. Others shook their heads in disapproval.

I, for one, love the extremes—not so much as a potential customer, but because I love to be presented with the new and extraordinary.

Bring on the clowns!


Asheville, Walnut Cove, Biltmore Forrest and Western North Carolina’s Audio and Home Theater specialists present Cane Creek AV and Paul McGowan – PS Audio, Intl.

Much about what Paul is talking about these days is related to the fact that PS Audio is now selling direct and so, marketing his companies products. Can’t say I blame him and much of what they make, especially their DAC, is good sounding stuff.

What’s required?

One doesn’t necessarily have to know the difference between a 4 cylinder and an 8 cylinder engine to appreciate the virtues of a car. But in the broader sense we, as music lovers and Audiophiles, need a certain level of something to guide us in the right direction.

So, what’s required when it comes to gathering enough information to build a dream system? Do we really need to understand the difference between DSD and PCM, or VTA and azimuth to find the DAC or turntable set up perfect for us?

I would argue no. No, we do not. What we need is a clear vision of what we hope to achieve. Where do we want to be? Are we hoping to get close to the sound we get in Music Room 2 with the Infinity IRS V? Or as perfect as our friend’s system? Perhaps we just want pleasant background music. Or maybe it’s blaring loud and we hope to plaster ourselves against the far wall.

Whatever it is that we hope to achieve, the technical knowledge to get there is far less important than a clear understanding of what the end result should be.

If we know what we want, we can then take the next steps of getting the advice necessary to build our dream system at a budget that fits our needs.

There’s plenty of resources available from friends, forums, magazines, or us.

Want to just chat about what you want out of your system? Call us. Email us.

You’re family.